23 January, 2013

The Last Melon...

All the drama happening at the moment and along with the drama comes self-preservation and strength. I realise I can be hypocritical but I am slowly learning to deal with this and to channel my feelings in a different way.

This renewed sense of self-preservation has made me realise that the next time I write on here will also be my last. I need to move on from this and grow. The stuff that has been written in this blog is not me any more, and simply by reading previous posts dredges up of memories with such a force that it is unreal. I need to move on from all of this, and moving on means leaving this blog. Maybe I will start up another blog but who knows. For now, this is the end for this one.

So, so long my friends, this has helped and I am glad I started. However, some things need to end. This is one of them.

Stay happy people!!


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